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Comedy - a funny way to deliver a serious message

It has been 5 years now since my spiritual awakening. I have been sharing my insight ever since. One clairvoyant told me I had the ability to tap into universal truths, but only when I took myself seriously. But the "truth" can take many forms: fiction, poetry, art, story telling... In fact, disguising profound truths within a non-serious package makes it easier to share. In today's world, people are harassed all the time by various people, seeking to gain control over their minds, to implant a certain "truth" into their heads to achieve a certain result: gain an election, sell a product... Instead of trying to colonize people's brains, it may be better to use comedy. In this manner, people can easily disregard the underlying message, without feeling the need to defend themselves or to argue and fight against it. After all, it's just for fun... Worst case scenario, you didn't have a laugh.


And thus, Corny was born. 

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